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National Story Archives of Muslim American Immigrants: a Mini-Series

The men and women who helped make America what it is today

This is a civic engagement project by Positively Media. All audio and assets contained in this portal is protected by U.S. and International Copyright laws. By accessing these assets and documents, you agree to never duplicate its contents or misrepresent the produced content. Positively Media reserves all rights and will prosecute violation of these terms and conditions.

All Hands In

Our Story

Every immigrant has a story. This mini-series podcast was envisioned in 2020 and came to life in 2022. The purpose was to showcase and then archive important stories, experiences, wisdoms and journeys of the individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures that journeyed to America and built their lives and this country for the past several decades. This project aims to dispel myths, stereotypes and phobias surrounding Islam and Muslims from the average American.

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